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Moved from US to Mexico 6 years ago

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Hi, My name is Peter. Former lawyer from Idaho, who wanted a new life in Mexico. I have dream of FIRE since 2010 and in 2015 I finally reached my goal and retired with my wife in a better climate, at 40% lower cost than our past life in Idaho (including flights home to visit family) I can assist you with a high level insight into the legal setup of moving from the US to Mexico. Who to avoid and who to trust. A bit special for me is that I have knee discabilitatis. Therefore I know the medical system quite well in Mexico compared to the US.


Peter's Moving plan
  1. Met with immigration offical
  2. Canceled federal and state taxes
  3. Collected documents
  4. Purchased health insurance
  5. Applied for a visa
  6. Living his best life in 🇲🇽
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