Who we are

Movenation is a company of people that want to make the worlds best website for moving citizenship from one country to another country. Our first goal is to help 1 million people moving. We work towards making country moving as transparent and easy as possible.

Today we see moving your citizenship as challenging as booking airline tickets before the 1990's and before Expedia, Momondo etc - complex, expensive and super slow.

Our mission is to make it as easy to move nations as it is to book an airline ticket.

Our solution is to give our users an instant overview of all the options that nations have to offer. How many steps it requires to move and the total costs of everything included. (advisors, taxes, etc) We do this together with great advisors that have already done the move.

When we succeed with the above we will truly have made an impact and changed the world.

Thinking big - We believe that we can change entire countries by helping more people move from expensive cities to less expensive cities. Moving pensions & wealth will create entire new economies. We believe we can help retirees with bad health conditions retire 10 year earlier if they had the insights of where they alternatively could retire and live from their savings.

Movenation is constantly learning. Please share with us if you have good ideas how to improve our service:

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